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What does Lancaster City Council do?

Lancaster City Council is a local government organisation which covers the Lancashire district comprising of Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth and the surrounding rural areas.

As a Council our responsibility concerns decision making on behalf of local people. The Council employs 60 elected Councilors who make decisions about the provision of important public services such as planning, housing, waste and recycling, street cleaning, leisure and culture and approximately 770 officers to give advice, implement its decisions and manage the day-to-day delivery of Council services.

Lancaster City Council prides itself on being an ensuring Council. The model of the ‘Ensuring Council’ endorses the role of local authorities as stewards of local wellbeing, recognises the strategic advantages of a strong core of in-house services delivered in collaboration and grounding local decisions in politics and the values of social justice.

The Council's main services include:

Health and Housing Services - Environmental Health

Responsibilities include a wide range of strategic and responsive services for protecting people's health, housing needs and the environment.

Health and Housing Services - Council Housing

Responsible for the management of nearly 4,000 homes across the district (including 500 that are sheltered flats and bungalows housing older persons) providing information, support and advice to tenants and leaseholders. They also manage the council’s emergency call centre providing a 24 hour monitoring and response service for elderly and vulnerable residents.

Environmental Services

Responsible for:

  • - Waste collection
  • - Street cleansing
  • - Recycling
  • - Building Cleaning
  • - Removal of abandoned vehicles and fly tipping
  • - Investigation and enforcement of environmental crime
  • - Maintenance of public realm - playgrounds, parks including Williamson Park, trees and open spaces
  • - Repair and Maintenance of council housing stock and council owned buildings
  • - Highways Maintenance

Regeneration and Planning Services – Development Management

Provide general and specialist advice and support on the submission, validation and determination of both planning and building regulation applications to ensure compliance with regulations and legislation.

Regeneration and Planning Services - Regeneration and Policy

Responsible for the development and publication of the Local Plan documents, that will set out the long term needs of the district in planning terms, and the development of housing policy and supporting the delivery of new affordable housing in the district.

Resources Services

Responsible for:

  • - Accountancy - advice and support in financial planning, mangement and reporting and compliance with statutory responsibilities and treasury management
  • - Internal Audit, Insurance and Risk Management arrangements
  • - Management of information policies and procedures and compliance with data protection, freedom of information and environmental information regulations.
  • - Payroll, creditor and debtor services
  • - Property maintenance and management (non-council housing)

Resources also provide the administration and collection of Council tax and Business Rates and the administration and payment of Council Tax and Housing Benefits.

Governance Services

Responsible for:

  • - Democratic Services – administration and support of council business, civic events and the democratic processes
  • - Legal Services – advice and support on legal matters including housing possession and injunction proceedings and the administration and collection of land charges fees
  • - Human Resources and Organisational Development – advice and support on all human resource related matters, performance management, strategic planning and business improvement

Equality Opportunities

Lancaster City Council is committed to equal opportunities in employment and service delivery, irrespective of age, race, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, sex or sexual orientation.

Lancaster City Council is a user of the disability symbol, also known as the 2 tick symbol. This means that we are committed to employing people with disabilities and will do all we can to ensure those with a disability are treated equally and fairly.


Lancaster City Council delivers a range of services and activities that impact on the lives of children both directly and indirectly. Safeguarding children, ensuring their welfare, safety and health is of paramount importance. We are committed to providing safe and supportive services that will give children the opportunities to achieve their full potential.

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